OCEANOLOGIA issue 61(2)

We are pleased to announce that issue 61(2) of OCEANOLOGIA  has just been published.  Below please find links to the ‘online’ version of the latest issue.     Oceanologia    selected articles

Amphipods in estuarine and marine quality assessment – a review
/Pages 179-196/
/Available Online 2018-10-17/
Weronika Podlesińska, Henryka Dąbrowska
*Original Research Articles*
Effects of environmental variables on midsummer dinoflagellate community
in the Neva Estuary (Baltic Sea)
/Pages 197-207/
/Available Online 2018-10-04/
Mikhail Golubkov, Vera Nikulina, Sergey Golubkov
Trophic connectivity between intertidal and offshore food webs in Mirs
Bay, China
/Pages 208-217/
/Available Online 2018-10-22/
Jiajia Ning, Feiyan Du, Xuehui Wang, Lianggen Wang, Yafang Li
An eco-friendly strategy using flax/polylactide composite to tackle the
marine invasive sponge /Celtodoryx ciocalyptoides/ (Burton, 1935)
/Pages 218-226/
/Available Online 2018-10-26/
Charline Gentric, Pierre Sauleau
Life in sympatry: coexistence of native /Eurytemora affinis/ and
invasive /Eurytemora carolleeae/ in the Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea)
/Pages 227-238/
/Available Online 2018-11-22/
Natalia Sukhikh, Anissa Souissi, Sami Souissi, Anne-Catherine Holl,
Nikolaos V. Schizas, Victor Alekseev
Seasonal variations in the abundance and sinking flux of biogenic silica
in Daya Bay, northern South China Sea
/Pages 239-251/
/Available Online 2018-11-23/
Xiufeng Zhao, Weifeng Yang, Haoyang Ma, Junjie Li, Min Chen, Ziming
Fang, Xiao Zhang, Jian Zeng, Yusheng Qiu, Minfang Zheng
Erosion and deposition processes from field experiments of hydrodynamics
in the coastal mangrove area of Can Gio, Vietnam
/Pages 252-264/
/Available Online 2018-12-01/
Hoa Tien Le Nguyen, Hong Phuoc Vo Luong
The response of cyclonic eddies to typhoons based on satellite remote
sensing data for 2001–2014 from the South China Sea
/Pages 265-275/
/Available Online 2018-12-11/
Fangjie Yu, Qiongqiong Yang, Ge Chen, Qiuxiang Li
A cost-effective method for estimating long-term effects of waves on
beach erosion with application to Sitia Bay, Crete
/Pages 276-290/
/Available Online 2018-12-19/
Flora E. Karathanasi, Kostas A. Belibassakis
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