Baltic Sea & Space Cluster B2B Meeting at the ASE Group

The meeting of the Baltic Sea & Space Cluster Members took place at the ASE Group on April 30 this year. The members of the Baltic Sea & Space Cluster were welcomed by Dariusz Jaochowicz, founder and president of the Ase Group, who said that the mission of the companies belonging to the ASE GROUP is to provide safe technologies and solutions for industry and infrastructure.

The development, structure and operations of the ASE Group have been presented by Jacek Cieisielski, North Region Manager. He informed that safety – related tasks are carried out by Automatic Systems Engineering, which provides its knowledge, analysis and training within ASE Expert division as well as specific devices and technical solutions within ASE Integrator division. We also provide explosion-proof electrical and automation systems, solutions for industrial electrothermics, and special equipment for offshore solutions. Projects involving multi-discipline design of complete process facilities for the petrochemical, oil, gas and chemical industries as well as power generation sector are performed by BIPRORAF – a specialised design office. About Projmors realizations informed Projmors Technical Director. Projects for the ports, maritime and offshore industries are carried out by PROJMORS Designing Office for Maritime Structures, famous in Poland and worldwide for its complex designs and implementation of entire facilities in the maritime industry. Squadron’s representatives spoke about services and activities using drone, and the representative of EKO Konsult represented the protection of the environment in the conditions of industrial investments.


About HYDROMEGA history, international cooperation and hydraulic systems for ships, including fully automated Ro-Ro system – informed Zbigniew Zienowicz, owner and president of the HYDROMEGA. The role of outsourcing in the company’s operations, personnel supervision and security of the company was discussed by Joanna Korzeniowska-Chmielewska, Director of the IMPEL GROUP North Region. Dariusz Włodarczyk spoke about the role of IT security and protection against intrusions into computer systems. Agnieszka Potoczny, Director of Brokers Union, presented the problem of risk transfer, insurance and compensation implementation. Participants of the meeting agreed joint activities to create joint business projects. Krzysztof Anzelewicz, member of the board of BSSC and vice-president of the Polish Short Sea Shipping Association, spoke about the role of ports and Short Sea Shipping in the development of investments in Polish ports. Zdzisław Długosz, Director of SASRI, talked about the challenges of transferring and protecting knowledge. Members of the Cluster were presented design and research offices of the ASE Group. The guide was Lech Kuchnowski, director of special projects. B2B meetings on tamat of joint projects and marketing activities were an oast part of the Cluster members’ meeting at the ASE Group. Photo: Marek Grzybowski