Next May 17th, Museu Nacional Ferroviário (National Rail Museum) and Region of Medio Tejo will be hosting a complimentary one day conference exploring opportunities forhydrogen transition for urban transports and associated storage and use of renewable energy surplus.

HYDROGEN-BASED EMISSION-LESS MOBILITY SOLUTIONS-International Sustainable Mobility Forum will be held during EU Green Week 2019, with the partnership ofEuropeanCommission’s FCH JU, Hydrogen Europe, HyER, Linde Portugal, CNH2 (Centro Nacional del Hidrogeno) and Corvers, Procurement Services.

The event is part of the European Sustainable Energy Days,(http://go.irradiare.com/EUSEW-Hydrogen) promoting clean energy transition, from EU Sustainable Energy Week 2019! This forum is aimed at matching offer and demand of fuel cell and hydrogen innovative solutions for emission-less mobility and transportation systems.

The event will bring together technology suppliers, industry, mobility, fleet owners, urban planners, territory managers and policy makers for a mutual update about opportunities and challenges related to the use of Hydrogen to achieve integral renewable emission-free transportation and mobility solutions. The event targets the audience of users of Hydrogen solutions both in Portugal and Spain.

More information can be found on events website-http://events.irradiare.com/201905