BALTIC SEA & SPACE CLUSTER B2B Meeting in HYDROMEGA took place at the company’s headquarters on May 8 this year. Hydromega was established in 1988. From the outset the company has been engaged in design and production of hydraulic systems and industrial automatics. Parallel with the production of hydraulic power units and machines with hydraulic drive we conduct research and development projects, including their implementation – informed Zbigniew Zienowicz, President, founder and owner of the HYDROMEGA and addeed: We provide efficient service to our clients through well-organised work systems, according to ISO 9001 requirements in our company’s four principle departments: design department, production department, sales department, service.

Director Mirosław Michałowski and Maria Brzeska-Deli talked extensively about the innovative products of the company. The company developed autonomous vehicles for the army and the national economy. Our company in partnership with the CRIST shipyard and RHS, MPL Techma and GS Hydro companies has delivered a modern, fully automated Ro-Ro system, designed to service the transport of wheeled vehicles. Our company protects the fast growing demand in the area of maritime economy by the production potential which we launched in 2016 on the shipyard areas in Gdynia – informed Director Mirosław Michałowski and presented Hydromega products while visiting production plants.

During the meeting, representatives of companies Impel Group, CADOR, Brokers Union, Mediation Centre, Short Sea Shipping Association, discussed on joint projects and marketing activities on the domestic and international market. Photo: Marek Grzybowski