Clean Shipping Technologies

Carrots or sticks – an age-old metaphor used to discuss what works best to motivate and direct behaviour towards desired outcomes. Are rewards and incentives efficient means to facilitate progress or would threats of sanctions and penalties be better? Is regulation always needed to ensure compliance or are there other ways to accommodate conformity? How to decide which measures to use?

These questions, and many more, were discussed at ECOPRODIGI’s policy seminar Carrots or sticks – what measures are needed to foster the implementation of clean shipping technologies? which took place at the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre in Turku, Finland on 21 May 2019. As ECOPRODIGI’s project manager Milla Harju explained to the audience of over 50 participants from around the Baltic Sea region, the seminar was organised to serve one of ECOPRODIGI’s main objectives: to strengthen public support for maritime industry digitalisation. To this end, the project and its policy seminars aim to provide fresh, industry-driven ideas for policy-makers on how to support the digitalisation of the maritime industry by facilitating interaction between industry representatives and regulators. In order to foster the exchange of opinions and ideas, the seminar programme was crafted to accommodate views from both the private and public sector. The seminar also included a presentation of the project’s industry case focusing on optimising shipyard processes which provided the audience with information about the work done and progress made in ECOPRODIGI.