Electric boats on inland waterways

Electric boats on inland waterways Austria – South Germany – Switzerland – it a title a Project Elmar Study Trip in early September 2019. The primary purpose of the project members’ visit was to obtain experience in the area of proction and exploatation of the electric boats in the three countries. The goal was achieved thanks to talks to boat builders, market specialists, scientists and government representatives. Participants of the project study trip were presented with tested and new ideas for the development of new products and the market for electric boats on inland waterways.

Summary Report: http://electric-water-mobility.eu/upload/elmar/nowe/elmar-study-trip-d-a-ch-report.pdf


Boatyard Frauscher (Ohlsdorf) and Marian Boats  (St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee), and Pehn Bootsbau GmbH (Georgen im Attergau) design, production and market actwity were presebted by owners and managers in Tuesday, 10.09.2019.


ISCAD – Intelligent Stator Cage Drive was presented in the EAA and FEAAM (Universität der Bundeswehr München) and electric vehicle testing laboratories have been presented. Electric propulsion systems for boats for inland waters were presented at Torqeedo GmbH (Gilching) by Dr. Chrictofer Ballin, CEO, who also showed project members around Torqeedo laboratories. Study trip participants participated in tests of electric boat propulsion with Torqeedo propulsion systems in
Marina Bernried at Lake Starnberg. The presented solutions were highly rated.

Traditional solutions in the construction of electric motors were presented at Kräutler Elektromaschinen GmbH  (Lustenau), A modern complete electric propeller was also presented. In Designboats Switzerland AG (Kreuzlingen) we were introduced with the original design of the hybrid propulsion of a traditional yacht with a wooden hull.

A series of lectures on the design, construction and test results of electric propulsion of boats and other vehicles took place in University of Applied Sciences Constance, among others: Prof. Dr. Richard Leiner, Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe GmbH, Mr. Christoph Witte.