Hydrodrons at the Port of Gdynia

Unmanned ships manufactured by Marine Technology and Centrum Techniki Okrętowej were carried out at the Port of Gdynia. These are the first such maneuvers in the port of the Baltic Sea region in a working port. The purpose of the Maneuvers of Unmanned Units at the Port of Gdynia is to examine the relationship between unmanned floating vessels and other port infrastructure elements, or large ships in the port – said Adam Meller, President of the Management Board of the Port of Gdynia. We take initiatives that in the future will allow us to create the right infrastructure, and thus, efficiently enter a new stage in the development of shipping. This will be possible after examining many aspects related to it. – emphasized president Adam Meller.

Our drone is equipped with all devices that allow conducting hydrotechnical measurements on the bottom, under the water surface, above the water surface and port quays – explains prof. Andrzej Stateczny, director Marine Technology. Hydrodron has an electric drive and does not emit pollution. It can conduct tests for 12 hours, and at night its batteries are charged – explains prof. Andrzej Stateczny. Our drone is powered by electric batteries. It can swim in the port basin for 4 hours and operate with equipment weighing 100 kg – explains the representative of the Ship Technology Center.