1st Congress of Maritime Safety of Poland

The 1st Maritime Safety Congress was organized to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Polish Marriage with the Sea. It took place in Gdynia on February 11 this year. The Congress was attended by representatives of the Sejm RP, state administration and of the President of the Republic of Poland, experts from state institutions, representatives of the Polish Navy and scientists. The Congress was organized by the National Security Bureau and the Naval Academy in Gdynia.

The Congress was divided into four thematic sessions related to the assessment of the use of Poland’s maritime space of freedom, the importance of maritime economy for the country’s development, the tasks and capabilities of the Polish Navy and the characteristics of the Polish Maritime Forces. “Participants began discussions on the future and shape of the maritime economy and naval forces, and in them their core – the Polish Navy and its importance for maritime security – said Capt. Prof. Bartłomiej Pączek.

Photo: Marek Grzybowski