The Port of Gdansk – over 52 million tonnes in 2019

In 2019, the Port of Gdansk transhipped 52 154 098 tons, an increase of 6.4 percent. in relation to 2018, the PGA S.A. earned PLN 60.2 million net in 2019, with total revenues of PLN 257 million.

Liquid fuels, general cargo and coal have the largest share in the transshipment of the port of Gdansk. This means that the Port of Gdansk still has three stable legs, thanks to which we are also a very universal port – said Łukasz Greinke, President of the Port of Gdansk Authority.

The volume of transhipments in 2019 meant that we entered the “heavy weight” ports handling over 50 million tonnes. This allowed us to strengthen the fourth position in the Baltic – emphasized Adam Kłos, Director of the Commercial Department of the Port of Gdansk.

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