B2B meeting in DCT GDAŃSK


The B2B meeting of the members of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster took place in DCT GDAŃSK on March 3 this year. Our guide was Marcin Kamola from the DCT Gdańsk Marketing Department. He presented the history of the creation and development of the DCT Gdansk terminal and plans for its development.


In 2019, DCT GDANSK dockers overloaded over 2 million TEU containers. This is a record of container reloading in one terminal in the Baltic Sea region. DCT Gdansk is Poland’s largest and fastest growing container facility, and the only deep-water terminal in the Baltic Sea Region having direct ocean vessel calls from the Far East. Located in the heart of the Baltic in the Port of Gdansk, DCT is the most Eastern facility in the Gdansk – Le Havre range.

DCT Gdańsk has a deep-water 1.3 km long quay line, 11 STS cranes and annually serves over 460 ships (including the 100 largest container ships in the world). He has an annual transhipment capacity of 3 million TEU, making it the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea.

Representatives of the companies participating in the B2B meeting discussed the possibilities of implementing joint business projects during the meeting.  Photo: Marek Grzybowski