An international space industry meeting took place in Gdansk. The honorary guests of the meeting were astronauts: Mirosław Hermaszewski, Bertalan Farkas, Tony Antonelli, Loren Acton, Danny Olivas oraz psycholog  prof. Jan F. Terelak.


About 350 young people met to hear experts, scientists and business representatives about the technical challenges and humanistic conquest of space. They met at the Gdansk University of Technology on March 6 this year.


The astronaut debate was received with great interest. We founded the astronauts association to tell politicians that space activities are to take place for peaceful purposes – said General Mirosław Hermaszewski. One of the participants in the debate reminded the general: you said that he went into space as an engineer, and returned as a humanist. The conference in this shape took place thanks to the idea and organization of Daria Malanowska, MySpace Foundation. Phot: Marek Grzybowski