Port of Gdansk is fully operational!

At the moment, cargo handling in the port is carried out smoothly, with proper caution and care for the safety and health of port employees.

In these difficult moments, we are focused on safety and that’s why we have decided to provide the highest possible protection of employees against the risk of COVID-19 infection.
We have introduced remote work for the greatest possible number of employees. For those still working in the Company’s office, we have installed dispensers with a disinfectant at the entrance to the building and in its passageways. Our employees have been provided with materials for disinfecting keyboards and phones. We have also taken care of shipyard workers, who are equipped with personal protective equipment (disinfection liquid).
We have decided to increase the frequency and precision of disinfection, especially in areas frequently touched. We are in constant contact with the medical centre, which supports our Company and we electronically transfer essential information related to the virus.
In our facilities we also use a non-contact thermometer for temperature measurement.
Currently and until further notice, all business trips, both domestic and foreign have been cancelled. Moreover, we have reduced to an absolute minimum all visits and internal meetings that gather more than 5 people. We have replaced them with online meetings and teleconferences.
We have organised a special quarantine room, assigned for an employee suspected of coronavirus infection.