The Recovery Plan of the European Union

A Small Symposium on “The Recovery Plan of the European Union”
as part of the 14th Annual International Conference on Global Studies
18-21 December 2020, Athens, Greece

A number of countries have introduced recovery plans to cope with the economic and social effects of COVID-19. On the 22 July 2020 the European Union Leaders have initiated a massive financial program of 750 billion euro to help the members states to handle the unprecedented impact of the pandemic.  The Athens Institute for Education and Research is pleased to announce the organization of a small symposium on The Recovery Plan of the European Union to take place as part of the 14th Annual International Conference on Global Studies, 18-21 December 2020, Athens, Greece ( Onsite and online presentations will be permitted. A background critical evaluation of the recovery plan authored by Dr Gregory T. Papanikos can be found here:

Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the Athens Journal of Business and Economics (

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