GALATEA – innovations in ports and shipyards

During January 2021, GALATEA has organized several innovation clubs and B2B meetings  to encourage SMEs in proposing innovative solutions to the identified challenges in a cross-fertilization framework.

GALATEA B2B event was quite successful50 SMEs representatives joined GALATEA webinar, 74 people participated to 126 B2B meetings on the whole GALATEA B2B day.

Around 60 SMEs and 10 experts from 5 European countries have participated in this ideation process in which an innovative “design thinking” methodology has been applied. SMEs joined around different working tables to respond to digitalization, environment, security and other specific challenges on the 4 GALATEA’s Blue Economy domains: Smart Ship, Smart Ports, Smart Shipyards and Maritime Surveillance. SMEs had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. Following the methodology to facilitate creativity and supported by facilitators and experts, more than 35 ideas have been generated by the SMEs to address the identified challenges. These creativity sessions are followed by B2B meeting where SMEs will have the opportunity to further develop the ideas arising during the innovation clubs, propose other ones and search for partnerships to jointly apply to the GALATEA’s call.