International Conference on Postgraduate Research in Maritime Technology 2021

International Conference on Postgraduate Research

in Maritime Technology 2021

(PostGradMarTec 2021)

3-4 November 2021, Online

organised by

The Society of Polish Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (KORAB)

on behalf of

The Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (CEMT) 



24 authors from 11 countries will present their current and recent research at the 2021 International Conference on Postgraduate Research in the field of Maritime Technology, to be held online from 3-4 November.


Accelerometric measurements of windsurfing fins vibrations

Hania Pruszko (Poland)


Numerical simulation of the hydrodynamic noise generated by the flow around a underwater ship propeller in the non-cavitating range.

Olga Kazimierska (Poland)


Development of methodology of RSX windsurfing hull selection with use of 3D scanning.

Zbigniew Macikowski (Poland)


Photogrammetric measurement of an existing ship hull geometry for reverse engcomineering

Paweł Bielski (Poland)


Design of experiment analysis of ultimate capacity of simultaneously cracked and corroded plates

Krzysztof Woloszyk (Poland)


Investigation of Structural Strength of Ice Reinforced Side Shell Structure Under Finnish Swedish Ice Class Notations

Sohanur Rahman (Netherlands)


Emissions of a direct injection diesel engine by adding hydrogen to the inlet manifold

Carlos Tealdo (Uruguay)


Computational grids for the numerical simulation of flow around a foil

Minas Argyros (Greece)


An initial investigation towards the implementation of structural health monitoring in ship hulls

Nicholas Silionis (Greece)


Analytical versus BEM solutions for the hydrodynamic analysis of a cylindrical body

Sarantos Sarantidis (Greece)


A short review of scale effects in ship hydrodynamics with emphasis on CFD applications

Momchil Terziev (United Kingdom)


High Level Fatigue Life Extension Analysis Using Measurement Data for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations

Oguzhan Aydore (United Kingdom)


Defining the problem of seafarer fatigue

Catherine Gleave (United Kingdom)


Geometry-Driven Parametric Sensitivity Analysis for Free-Form Marine Shapes

Shahroz Khan (United Kingdom)


Carbon Negative Shipping For 2030 Develop a concept for a containership that is carbon negative

Badr Moutik(United Kingdom)
Acoustic gear technology

Artem Morev (Russia)


1A Review on Computational Fluid Dynamic Methods for Maneuvering of Submerged Vehicles

Oguzhan Kirikbas (Turkey)


Numerical investigations into the propeller characteristics using PBCF, a comparative study among Wageningen B-series, Kaplan, Gawn, and Au propellers

Berlian Adietya (Indonesia)


A practical alternative formula for predicting increased skin friction resistance of ship hull due to fouling

Muhammad Luqman Hakim (Indonesia)


Physical and Mechanical Properties of Pipe Weld Joint with Weld Groove Variation

Eka Suendra Putra, ST. (Indonesia)
CFD and Experimental Investigations into the Resistance of a 19m Hard-Chine Crew Boat at Calm Water and in Oblique Wave Conditions

Soegeng Riyadi (Indonesia)


Implications of the IMO goal-based short-term measure on existing containerships

Maximilian Schroer (Germany)


Development Of A Method To Calculate The Ship Repairing Labour-Hour For Different Types Of Vessel
Ahammad Abdullah (Bangladesh)


Influence of speed and sea state on the fuel consumption of containerships

Amandine Godet (Denmark)

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The Council of the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies wish to thank the Polish Chamber of Science and Technology/KORAB and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) for providing the organisation and administration of PostGradMarTec 2021