Cosmos: Between West and East – November 18th (Thursday) 2021, 09.00-15.00

November 18th (Thursday) 2021, 09.00-15.00 Online via Google Scientific conference “Cosmos: Between West and East”

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Cosmos Between West and East 18.11.2021 PROGRAMME

On behalf of the Authorities Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw; Space Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences Gdansk Branch; Baltic Sea & Space Cluster
we would like to invite you to the conference “Cosmos: Between West and East”

9:00 – 9:45 Opening Session

Welcome by Prof. Edmund Wittbrodt,  President of the Space SciencesCommittee of the Polish Academy of Siences of Gdańsk Branch
Welcome by Prof. Marek Grzybowski, Baltic Sea & Space Cluster – HUB of International Projects
Welcome by Prof. Daniel Przastek, Dean of the Faculty of Political Scienceand International Studies, University of Warsaw
Welcome by representative of Polish Space Agency
Mr Michał Spiechowicz, European Commission, Directorate-General/DEFIS, Defence Industry and Space: EU SPACE POLICY. POLISH CONTEXT

Andrzej Dybczyński Ph.D., PORT Łukasiewicz and Faculty of PoliticalScience and International Studies, University of Warsaw: Between researchand application – challenges in contemporary technology development

9:45 – 10:45 “Young Stars” Session
Chair: Paweł Chyc Ph.D.

9:45-9:55 Tymoteusz Kraski M.A. (University of Warsaw): Shaping political discourse and decision-making processes under the European International
Cooperation in Space Exploration (EICISE).
9:55-10:05 Monika Poprawa M.A. (New Europe Institute): The New Space Order: The Geopolitical Dimension of the Exploration and Exploitation of
the Outer Space.
10:05-10:15 Qingmei Wen PH.D. (China): Theoretical Legal Review of Smart Contract in Blockchain Technology Revolution
10:15-10:25 Ms. Khanh Linh Le & Co. (Hue University of Law, Vietnam): Space law in Vietnam: outer space policy, legal development, and its future
10:25-10:35 Vincent Seffinga Ph.D. researcher, (European University Institute, Florence, Italy): Green Lights All the Way: Realising Outer Space
10:35-10:45 Agnieszka Elwertowska B.A. (WSB University in Gdańsk, EuroMoonMars): Construction of a Habitat Inside a Lunar-analogue
10:45 -10:55 Adam Labuhn M.A. (University of Business and Administration, Gdynia): Cyber Ciminals: Will Putin’s Hackers Launch a
Cyber Pearl Harbor?
10:55 – 11:15 – Discussion
11:15 – 11:30 – Coffee Break

11:30- 12:45 Experts Session
Chair Prof. Marek Grzybowski

11:30-11:45 Mr Jakub Makurat (Consultant and obviously Business Trainer) Business cooperation between West and East. The financial aspect
11:45-12:00 Magdalena Łągiewska Ph.D. (Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Gdansk) When East Meets West: Insights on
Arbitration with Chinese Characteristics
12:00-12:15 Prof. Katarzyna Malinowska & Bartosz Malinowski M.A. (Kozminski University): Regulating of sub-orbital activity in national space
12:15-12:30 Prof. Małgorzata Polkowska (War Studies University): Space Security in International Relations- military aspects
12:30-12:45 – Discussion
12:45 -13:00 – Coffee Break

13:00 – 15:00 Scientific Session: Politics, law and tourism towards outer space.
Chair amb. Tomasz Łukaszuk

Prof. Zdzisław Brodecki (University of Business andAdministration, Gdynia): Drones – new international actors
Prof. Irma Słomczyńska (UMCS University): Challenges andprospects for the space policy of the European Union
Prof. Marek Czajkowski (Jagiellonian University): US spacepolicy – achievements and prospects
13:45-14:00 J
akub Ryzenko Ph.D. & Anna Nałęcz Kobierzycka M.A. (Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN, Warsaw): Possibilities of internationalcooperation in the implementation of Polish space policy
Zahraz Berdenov Ph.D. (Eurasian National University Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) Космодром «Байконур» как фактормежгосударственного сотрудничества и фактор техногенеза региона /Cosmodrome” Baikonur as a factor of interstate cooperation and a factor ofthe technogenesis of the region
Prof. Jan Wendt (University of Gdańsk) Space tourism as anew kind of development the tourism economy
14:30-14:45 – Discussion
14:45 –15:00 – Summary of the conference