Baltic Sea and Space Cluster of HUBs

Specialized design and production teams operate within six hubs of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster. BSSC members and partners are active in the HUBs. The best blue economy initiatives stand a chance of commercialization in the maritime industry through active collaboration. The zero-emission ship’s hub, ICT & AI hub, and the idea for a hybrid renewable energy production system are working.

There are six hubs in the cluster: IT – Baltic ICT & AI, design and production of zero-emission ships – Baltic ZEV HUB, design and construction of installations producing green energy – Baltic GreenTech, scientific and research, legal and financial Baltic Law & Finance HUB, and an education hub. Hubs integrate companies, universities, research centers and research and development institutes, as well as partner companies and institutions, as well as suppliers and recipients of innovative products and services. Bałtyckie Centrum Mediacji Gospodarczych (Baltic Center for Economic Mediation) cooperates with Baltic Law & Finance HUB.

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