Port Gdynia – Stena Line helps families from Ukraine seeking refuge from the war

Ukrainian citizens fleeing the Russian military attack can count on free transport and will be booked on the first available cruise, to the extent that the safety and capacity of our ferries will allow, informs Stena Line.

Persons wishing to use the free transport must have a valid passport and present it during check-in at the terminal at the Port of Gdynia.

Stena Line will also offer free transport to registered charities and humanitarian organizations dedicated to supporting the people of Ukraine.

Reservations should be made by phone: +48 58 660 92 00 or in person at the Stena Line Ferry Terminal in Gdynia, ul. Kwiatkowskiego 60, 81-156 Gdynia.

The entire cost of the ferry journey and booking is borne by Stena Line.

Source: Port of Gdynia