Baltic Sea and Space Cluster – Maritime Safety Leader Award 2022

Baltic Sea and Space Cluster – Maritime Safety Leader Award 2022


BSSC Maritime Safety Leader Award

Bałtycki Klaster Morski i Kosmiczny Liderem Bezpieczeństwa Morskiego

The Baltic Sea and Space Cluster received the Maritime Safety Leader Award. The award was handed over by Maciej Kazienko, vice president of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. The award was collected by Marek Grzybowski, president of the board of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster, on behalf of the members of the Cluster.

The Baltic Sea and Space Cluster received an award for the activity of cluster members in implementing innovations ensuring safety in ports, shipyards, ships, sea transport and offshore.


The Baltic Sea and Space Cluster is a continuation of activities undertaken by its members, who over 25 years ago took the initiative to establish a maritime cluster in Poland. During the period of economic transformation, it integrated the activities of leading maritime enterprises on innovative undertakings and new markets.

Maritime Industries 4.0

After a short period of incubation and activities in the Triple Helix formula, the cluster through participation in international projects transformed into an organization operating in the Qudralupe Helix system.

  • Today the cluster develops in the Pentagon Helix formula, integrating the transfer of knowledge between science and business, supporting social initiatives, local government and administration, developing investor relations, says Marek Grzybowski.
  • Today the cluster’s activity is characterized by a holistic, integrative and global approach, making the activity of Maritime Industries 4.0 part of Economy 4.0. – explains Grzybowski.

Maritime safety and security

For over a dozen years the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster (BSSC) has been supporting innovations and development in the field of research, entrepreneurship, administration and local government, which are related to the Baltic Sea Region and the world ocean.

A lot of innovation significantly improves the safety and security of operations in shipbuilding, large and small ports, sea transport, fish farms, offshore wind farms, plaforms and offshore vessels, as well as the operation and exploration of seas and oceans.

Members of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster focus a lot on education and training of staff for maritime business, shipyards, ports and sea transport, fish farms, oil and gas offshore and offshore winds.

Cluster of HUBs

Within the „Cluster” there are currently six Hubs: ICT & AI, construction of zero-emission ships – ZEVInnovation, design and construction of installations producing green energy – GreenTech, scientific-research, legal-financial and educational. All hubs bring together around 60 companies, research centers and R&D units.

Within the „Cluster” Hubs, i.e. highly specialized small clusters, operate successfully, a type of consortia. Within them, tasks are carried out in a specific field and professional activity. In other words, a team of experts from a given hub is responsible for issues it knows best.

Safety and security leaders

The leaders in introducing innovations in ports are the Port of Gdynia Authority and the Port of Gdansk Authority. These innovations have significantly increased ship safety and fire safety.

The ASE technology group manages the GreenTech Hub. The idea of the GreenTech Hub, on the other hand, is based on a preliminary analysis of the demand for such solutions in the coastal municipalities and small ports of the Baltic Sea region. It focuses on identifying hybrid solutions resulting from the needs of local clusters, Polish coastal municipalities and small ports.

The Hubs base their activities on a specific strategy and objectives. For example, for the ICT and AI HUB such a goal is to create an IT Service Centre for the maritime and space industry. The CRIST shipyard manages the ZEV Innovation hub. It is a hub for the production of zero-emission ships, including electric and hydrogen ships. The design company CADOR manages the ICT and AI HUB. The Pomeranian Special Economic Zone is a place where many innovative companies locate their investments.

In 2021 we issued 90 decisions on support, thanks to which we were placed second among special economic zones in Poland. The value of the declared investment outlays exceeded about PLN 3 billion. Companies from the ICT and biotechnology sectors have found their place in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park managed by the Zone. The value of de minimis aid transferred in 2021 exceeded PLN 1.5 million.