Local activity Fit for 55. GreenTech HUB BSSC in Zielona Brama in Przywidz.

Green energy for small and large enterprises. Energy diversification as an opportunity for small farms, small ports and coastal communes.

Representatives of the ASE Technology Group, the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster and the Green Gate Energy Minicluster met on March 15 this year. In times of more expensive energy, a discussion was started in a group of experts on achieving energy self-sufficiency in the local dimension.


– The essence of the meeting is the integration of clusters’ activities for renewable energy and the production of fully ecological food – explained the essence of the meeting Marek Grzybowski, president of the board of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster.

Green energy for the port and the commune

– The idea is to develop cooperation in order to create an intelligent energy generation system for the needs of a small business entity and use it effectively for their own needs – emphasized Grzybowski.

In the case of the Green Gate Cluster, it will be agricultural production as well as recreational and tourist activities. In the case of small seaports, coastal cities and municipalities, this will be the provision of green energy for the needs of a port, marina, port terminal, seaside town or part thereof.

It is no coincidence that the Green Gate Cluster hosted representatives of the ASE Technology Group with Dariusz Jachowicz, the president of the board of ASE and the founder of the company. The leading slogan of the ASE Technology Group is “We create the technology of the future together” – because we strongly believe that it is better to create the future than to adapt to it. This message perfectly fits the activity of the energy mini-cluster operating in Przywidz.

Mini-cluster and maximum innovation

The essence of the operation of the Green Gate Energy Minicluster was explained by dr inż. Piotr Krzyżanowski, its manager and initiator, a long-term employee of the World Bank, who led many investment projects, each worth several dozen million. Krzyżanowski was also one of the animators of the Union of the Baltic Cities and the first secretary general of this organization. How hardly anyone knows the problems of the cities in the Baltic Sea region.

Energy diversification

The energy production is provided by a network of solar panels. Energy is provided by photovoltaic panels located at the buildings and on roofs of buildings in the GREEN GATE with a capacity of 40 kW. In the back room there is a modular agricultural micro biogas plant that is easy to transport and assemble.

Another source of energy are vertical wind generators, easy and quick to install, service and transport. The system is supplemented by a computing center located at the Gdańsk University of Technology, which monitors the operation of the set.

Strong ASE Technology Group

The ASE Technology Group includes the Biproraf and Projmors design offices, bringing design and technical knowledge – the President of ASE presents the ASE Technology Group and describes their competences. The strengths of these companies include engineering knowledge in the area of security, and in the case of Projmors, many years of experience in designing maritime structures and installations.

The design and production potential of the ASE Group and its activity in the construction of green energy production systems and storage facilities were widely discussed by MSc. Rafał Frączek, Chairman of the Board, Eko-Konsult Sp. z o.o., ASE Technology Group. All ASE activities in the area of electricity and hydrogen applications were discussed.

The strength of clusters and hubs

– The project organized by BSSC is about using the full potential of GreenTech Hub to create a comprehensive solution with great development potential – said Dr. Michał Igielski, who deals with projects in the “Cluster”.

— It is about using the diffusion of knowledge of research centers, the competences of our designers and producers and the integration of the activities of the members of the BSSC – added Dr. Zdzisław Długosz, responsible in the ‘Cluster’ for the transfer of knowledge.

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