War games are played on the sea chessboard. The new geopolitical position of the Baltic Sea

The decision of Finland and Sweden to join NATO meant that, written by prof. Piotr Mickiewicz, the book “Morska Szachownica. The geopolitical importance of sea basins ”has acquired a new meaning. The promotion of the book took place on May 17 this year. and sparked a discussion in the context of Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the global consequences of the war in the northern Black Sea. It turned out that the promotion of the book coincided with events that the interviews of leading NATO countries had not anticipated.


Prof. Piotr Mickiewicz began the presentation of the research results with a strong accent: “sea control allows for a dominant influence on the shape of the situation in the world and is a factor co-deciding about the economic power of the state”. There is a reference to the theory of Alfred T. Mahan, which was verified and developed by his successors along with the development of modern technologies.

– A modern maritime strategy of states should be perceived as an element of the state strategy and it should be treated as a resultant of the specificity of conducting economic, political and social activities of the state and its international activity – argues prof. Mickiewicz.

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