Władysławowo – port on the E60 route and offshore. Necessary expansion of the port

The port of Władysławowo has been operating as a cargo port and a mooring place for offshore service units for a long time. The participants of the Incone60 project could find out about it during a meeting organized by the Maritime Institute of Gdynia Maritime University.

– This southern Baltic port has all the predispositions to connect the shipping routes of western, northern and eastern European cabotage ships – emphasized Leszek Łęgosz, Captain of the Port of Władysławowo.

– Today, the port serves fishermen, sailors, offshore vessels, SAR. The entire port covers an area of 14.5 ha. There are separate quays in the port for the marina and cruise ships, SAR, cutters and fishing boats as well as the unloading quay – presented Witold Wawrzonkoski, president of the board of Szkuner, who manages the port on behalf of the owner, the County Office in Puck.

– We hope that participation in the Incone60 project will contribute to the port’s development. Władysławowo can be a service port for offshore – said Tomasz Herrmann, deputy staroste, and stressed that the Puck Starosty supports all directions of the port’s development.

Władysławowo has been associated with offshore for a long time. In the vicinity of the Baltic Sea, there are oil basins with Petrobaltic’s B3 and B8 drilling platforms. This is where gas is extracted, which supplies the installation located in the vicinity of the port in Władysławowo, where the gas is processed and used in a heating plant.
The areas related to the green energy transformation are nearby. These are offshore wind farm projects at sea and nuclear energy projects on land.

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