20 years SAR Poland

The celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Polish Maritime Search and Rescue Service took place in Gdynia on June 13. “Zasłużony Pracownik Morza” and “Zasłużony dla Służby SAR” medals were presented.


20 years SAR

Main tasks of SAR Service are searching and rescuing any person being in dangerous at sea, independently of coincidence of this danger, and sea environment pollution combating:

  • maintenance in still readiness for receive and analysing notifications about life danger at sea or emergency end pollutions at sea,
  • planning, realizing and coordinating of search, rescue and pollution combating actions,
  • maintenance in still readiness resources for life rescue and sea pollution combating,
  • cooperation with another organisations units during searching, rescuing and pollution combating actions,
  • cooperation with another national rescuing systems,
  • cooperation with suitable services of other countries, during realization statutory tasks.

Above mentioned SAR Service tasks, are realized basing on “Searching and rescuing actions plan” (SAR Plan) and “National plan of sea environment dangers and pollution combating”.

Boundary of searching and rescuing area for SAR Service task realization and rules of cooperation in life rescuing and pollution combating at sea with suitable services of other countries are specified by agreements between governments interested countries.

SAR Service also realize different tasks related to maritime safety.

Source: SAR