Sea&Space Industry. Public-Private Partnership in Turbulent Times – 23rd June 2022 – Conference LINK


23rd June 2022

Konferencjo LINK

Space Sciences Committee Polish Academy of Sciences, Gdansk Branch

in cooperation with the Baltic Sea&Space Cluster


Kozminski University

invite for a joint conference entitled

under the honorary patronage of the Polish Space Agency

Sea&Space Industry. PublicPrivate Partnership in Turbulent Times:

Existential Risks”

Conference Programme


Prof. Edmund Wittbrodt Chairman of the Space Sciences Committee

Prof. Marek Grzybowski – President, Baltic Sea & Space Cluster 

Dr hab Katarzyna MalinowskaCentre for Space Studies, Kozminski University

Prof. Marek Moszyński Expert at the Polish Space Agency

10.2012.00 WORKING SESION chaired by Prof. Zdzisław Brodecki

Polish space legal system as an element of ecosystem

Dr hab Katarzyna Malinowska, Kaja Hopej Project of the polish bill of space activity,
Centre for Space Studies, Kozminski University (10.2010.40)

Witold Janusz Insurers as natural partners of space activities, representative of
Lloyd’s Poland (10.40 11.00)

Discussion moderated by Prof. Małgorzata Polkowska, Academy of Military Art
(11.00 12.00)

Panelists: Michał Szwajewski (Space Entrepreneurship Institute), Grzegorz Brona
(Creotech), Bartosz Malinowski (CBK PAN), Kaja Hopej (Central European
Academy), Michał Pietkiewicz (UWM)

12.0012.30 COFFEE BRAKE

12.3013.30 APPLICATIONS’ SESSION chaired by Prof. Marek Grzybowski

Prof. Henryk Śniegocki, Polski Rejestr Statków activity in the Turbulent Times CEO,
Polski Rejestr Statków (tbc)

Tomasz Lisiecki, LKK activity in the Turbulent Times. A Man in the Virtual World,
President, LKK, ASE Group

Maximilian Minta, NEPTUN STUDIO activity in the Turbulent Times CEO, NEPTUN

Leszek Tarnawski, FLINT Systems activity in the Turbulent Times Leszek Tarnawski – CEO,
FLINT Systems

13.3014.00 CLOSING REMARKS Prof Edmund Wittbrodt and Prof. Zdzisław Brodecki