Athens Institute for Education and Research Newsletter No. 10, June 2022

We are excited to announce that during June, more than 200 participants from 55 different countries participated and presented their papers at our conferences. Please note that we are still accepting proposals for July symposiums. The list of forthcoming events is available at: Please feel free to join us for our next academic symposiums either as a presenter, attendee and/or contributor. You can join us onsite (the ideal option), or online. Your support is more than welcome. If you need more information, please send us an email to

The ATINER administration had a meeting with Dr. Nur Yazdani (Professor, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA) to discuss the possibility of the organization of a Study Abroad Program on Engineering with students from The University of Texas at Arlington.

Dr. Nick Linardopoulos (Associate Teaching Professor & Public Speaking Course Coordinator, Rutgers University, USA) has been appointed the new head of the Education Unit of ATINER.

Dr. Philip G. Cerny (Professor Emeritus, University of Manchester [UK] and Rutgers University [USA]) has been appointed the new director of the Social Sciences Division of ATINER.

Dr. Kenneth Christie (Professor, Royal Roads University, Canada) has been appointed the new head of the Politics & International Affairs Unit of ATINER.

Dr. Orna Almog (Senior Lecturer (Retired), Kingston University, UK) has been appointed deputy head of the Politics & International Affairs Unit of ATINER.

Dr. Orna Almog (Deputy Head, Politics & International Affairs Unit, ATINER & Senior Lecturer [Retired], Kingston University, UK) is organizing a small symposium on “Israeli-Turkish Relationship: The Regional Dimension” as part of the 16th Annual International Conference on Mediterranean Studies, 3-4 April 2023, Athens, Greece ( & as part of the 21st Annual International Conference on Politics & International Studies, 12-13 June 2023, Athens, Greece (

Dr. Maria-Irini Avgoulas (Academic Member, ATINER & Cultural Counselling and Consultancy, Australia) is organizing a small symposium on “The Transmission and Maintenance of Diaspora” ( as part of the 14th Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts 5-6 June 2023, Athens, Greece.

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