Energy storage – an investment that supports business

The basic business problems related to the use of energy are: an increase in energy demand, an increase in energy prices, low adaptability of traditional methods of energy production to the rapidly changing needs of the energy market, problems with energy quality and pressure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Energy storage facilities are an excellent solution to all business problems and satisfy both the existing and new needs that arise as a result of the energy transformation.

Advantages of energy storage:

ensuring energy supplies during production shortages, meeting increased demand,
stabilization of voltage and other power parameters,
better management of produced or purchased electricity,
minimization of electricity costs,
a source of immediate energy,
control function of peak energy needs,
balancing of energy networks,
energy stability,
change of a virtual warehouse with a discount system to a physical warehouse with 1: 1 energy reception,
independence from the sale / purchase of energy in the discount system.