Greece is a leader in the oceans. Over 5.5 thousand ships worth around US $ 180 billion support the Greek economy

Today, Greece is the country with the largest fleet in the world. With 5,514 ships, they currently control around 21% of the world’s fleet in terms of  capacity. Its value can now be estimated at US $ 180 billion. Greek shipping is works great during a pandemic and in war. And it invests in new energy-efficient ships.

– The transport capacity of the fleet owned by Greek shipowners increased by 45.8% compared to 2014, while even during the COVID-19 pandemic, i.e. from 2019, the transport capacity increased by 7.4% – according to 35 Naftiliaki Greek Shipping Review.

The Greek shipping cluster has not weakened even in times of economic turmoil and has been supporting the Greek budget for several decades. Greek maritime business is active in the global maritime business market both in times of pandemic and war.

Photo: Marek Grzybowski; More: Grzybowski: Greece is a leader in the oceans.