Norway – record fish exports. Poland is a leading importer, but not a consumer

Photo: NSC

The value of Norwegian fish and other seafood exports reached NOK 70.1 billion (USD 7 billion) in the first half of 2022. This is an increase of 31% or NOK 16.4 billion (US $ 1.6 billion) compared to the first half of last year. About 10% of the catch and production of fish farms with a value of around NOK 7 billion went to Poland.

Norway exported 3.1 million tonnes of fish and seafood with a value of NOK 120.8 billion in 2021. Poland is a leading importer of Norwegian fish and seafood. 284 thousand tonnes  with a value of NOK 12.6 billion were exported on the Polish market in 2021.

The average inhabitant eats around 57 kg of fish in Portugal, in Spain around 39 kg per person, and in Norway over 50 kg. An average Swede and a Finn eat about 33 kg of fish and seafood, an Italian about 30 kg, and a German, Croat or Pole will eat an average of 13 kg of fish this year. The European Union average is around 23 kg per person per year.

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