B2B BSSC Memebrs Meeting in CTO – modern, multidisciplinary research and design centre

CTO from Gdańsk – a research center that improves not only ships and ships. He also develops medical engineering – he studies, among others artificial hearts for people. CTO tightens cooperation with the members of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster.

At the meeting at the Shipbuilding Center, the representatives of: the following universities and companies: Polski Rejestr Statków; Security Research Institute; Mova Film; Hydromega; Office of Research Support and Cooperation with Industry at the International Center for Theory of Quantum Technologies at the University of Gdańsk; Univentum Labs; PCB Service Sp. z o.o .; Waeller. Journalists from the Baltic Sea Journalists Club were also present.

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Dr inż. Leszek Wilczyński, Research and Development Director, CTO, welcomed the guests on behalf of Lech Grycner – President of the Management Board of Centrum Techniki Okrętowej in Gdańsk. Information on the activities of the BSSC Cluster – the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster – was presented by prof. Marek Grzybowski, President of the Management Board of BSSC (Baltic Sea & Space Cluster). He also recalled the course of cooperation with the Ship Technology Center.

– You can see the CTO from a bird’s eye view. The characteristic long building is a deep-water swimming pool. An offshore laboratory is operating; the acoustic laboratory and the dynamic laboratory together form the Vibroacoustic Laboratory. CTO has a Fire Test Laboratory, a cavitation tunnel, a design and technology plant, a model warehouse, and a field testing team. The CTO has a product certification center that reports directly to the company’s management. This part has the status of a research organization and constitutes a separate branch of the company – says director Wilczyński.

Environmental Laboratories Division of CTO S.A. (EGOLF Member) is the one of the best equipped set of research facilities in Europe run by internationally leading specialists. It provides professional product testing and physical quantities measurements in accordance with ISO 17025 standard. The research concerns fire safety, acoustics, structural noise and vibrations, materials’ physical properties, static and dynamic properties of various constructions. CTO S.A. operates accredited battery testing lab enabling the investigation of batteries in accordance with ECE R100 Rev2Regulation requirements for Rechargeable Energy Storage System (REESS).
CTO S.A. specialises in design and supply of research facilities and measuring equipment, in particular for experimental fluid mechanics applications, e.g. wind tunnels, cavitation tunnels, circulating water channels, towing carriages for model basins, dynamometers, flow measuring devices, wave probes and others.
CTO S.A. offers the research equipment both for industrial research laboratories and for educational institutions.
Furthermore CTO S.A. specialises in trainings, benchmark experiments and model testing as well as provides procedures describing conduction of various experiments.
EU notified product certification is the significant area of CTO’s activity. The services are addressed towards construction products manufacturers and system suppliers. The conformity of products with national or international standards, as well as the constancy of their functional properties is investigated and confirmed by CTO experienced staff. In addition, CTO issues EC type examination certificates for the conformity of particular marine equipment with the IMO requirements.

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The Ship Technology Center in Gdańsk is a unique, global scientific and research facility. You will be able to get to know this institution more closely during the Open Days of European Funds. This unique, on a national scale, multidisciplinary research and design center invites you on October 7 this year. on ul. Szczecińska 65 – information on the website: CTO Open Days. The deadline for applications is September 30 this year.