Offshore Center of the Gdynia Maritime University

Gdynia Maritime University has signed a contract with PGE Baltica for environmental research for the Baltica 1 offshore wind farm project.

– UMG Offshore Center will be a research and educational base for the domestic offshore wind energy sector. Our duty – as a maritime university – is to support the development of the offshore wind energy sector through teaching, research, training and consulting activities. We want to participate in the creation of a local, Polish supply chain for the offshore industry and we are doing everything to make the Center the nucleus of the Polish Offshore Valley – says prof. dr hab. Eng. Cpt Ż.w. Adam Weintrit, Rector of the Gdynia Maritime University. -.

– Offshore energy, the offshore sector would not exist without capital, but above all without human resources. Thanks to the determination and consistency of the Magnificence of the Rector and the scientific staff of the Maritime University, Polish and foreign companies will have qualified employees to carry out the task of providing Poland and the European Union with green energy – said Grzegorz Witkowski, secretary of state at the Ministry of Infrastructure.

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