Coal on the wave. How to earn on something that is a lot?


In January-August 2022, global coal transport by sea increased from 767.7 million tonnes in the first 8 months of 2021 (by 2.2% y / y) to 784.9 million tonnes. It was still well below 853, 6 million tonnes transported by sea in the same period of 2019 – informs the brokerage company Banchero Costa.

China has slowed down on imports
In the period from January to August 2022, China imported 134 million tons. This means a drastic decrease of 18.1% year on year. in the same period last year, the Chinese industry imported 163.6 million tons of coal. But it was still well below the 178.1 million tonnes imported in the same period of high industrial activity in China in 2019.

Indonesia and Russia are fighting for the market

China generates a demand for 17.3% of world coal imports by sea. The next major importer is India with an 18.3% share, ahead of Japan with a 15% share of the importer market.

Indonesia continues to be the leading coal supplier to China. It provided 57% of sea deliveries in 2022. As soon as the Chinese economy slowed down, supplies from Indonesia fell immediately by 23.1% y / y to 76.4 million tonnes in the first 8 months of this year. Currently, Russia is the dominant coal supplier with a 24.8% share in the transhipment of imported coal.

The Port of Gdansk is a leader in coal imports to Poland
Wojciech Łakomski, president of the management board of PP, informed how the Northern Port in Gdańsk works with the reloading of coal, during the presentation of the terminal and operations on the full storage yards.

– The largest coal transshipments are provided by the port based on the Northern Port and the quays where the Port of Gdansk Eksploatacja operates – said Łukasz Greinke, President of the Port of Gdansk Authority, and explained that “the crisis in Ukraine increased the demand for sea-transported coal “.
– That is why we have opened additional quays in the Inner Port at which unloading will be possible. In the port, we are responsible for unloading from the ship to the quay and further from the storage yards to rail and road transport – explained President Greinke.

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