Wspólna Kaczka 2022 – Maritime Business Meeting in Gdynia

2060 guests from 184 companies attended the 22nd meeting of Pomeranian maritime business, which took place on October 14, 2022.

The Chapter of the National Chamber of Maritime Economy awarded the Gdynia Port Authority – Specjalna Bursztynowa Kaczka, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the port. “The Port of Gdynia is a symbol of Polish entrepreneurship, diligence and success”

The jury awarded three honorary distinctions – Bursztynowe Jajko:

The Port of Gdansk Authority for the implementation of the project “Expansion and modernization of the road and rail network in the Outer Port”

Sunreef Yachts for launching a pioneering ship, the eco-catamaran Sunreef 80 Eco, which is a Polish deep-sea yacht powered by renewable energy sources.

NET Marine Group for an innovative mobile floating dock project.

Bursztynowy Ster, the award was given to Krzysztof Michnal, president of the Gdynia Maritime School, chairman of the Pomeranian branch of KIGM for “uninterrupted for almost 20 years involvement in activities for the Polish maritime economic self-government, as part of KIGM, the Pomeranian Entrepreneurship Council and the Educational Council.

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