LNG production and supply market is growing dynamically

The LNG production and supply market is growing dynamically. In September, spot rates for typical LNG carriers with a TFDE engine exceeded 101.7 thousand. USD per day, and LNG (or XDF) carriers reached charter rates of 170 thousand. USD per day. This year, the laws of the market have ceased to govern the LNG market and the suppliers have started. This can be seen in the record results of the first two quarters.

The LNG tanker fleet is growing dynamically and currently has about 644 units and has a capacity of 98.36 mcm as of September 2022 “- informs Bancero Costa in the latest report. Soon it will be joined by 8 LNG carriers chartered by PGNiG from Norwegian and Greek shipowners.

The LNG transport market functions at the limit of its endurance, because the availability of cargo space is limited, and supply disruptions cause problems with meeting the demand for LNG maritime transport “- warns Intermodal.

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