LNG supply and demand market. Radical changes in prices and directions of LNG supplies

Global LNG exports reached 300.9 million tonnes in the period from January to September 2022 – calculated by marine experts of the analytical company Refinitive. This means that 6% more liquefied gas was transported by sea than in 9 months of 2021.

With dynamically rising freight rates, investments in LNG tanker fleets began to grow at an accelerated pace. Shipowners of gas carriers count dollars and sign new lucrative contracts for the transport of LNG.

The high gas prices made US producers interested in the market. As a result, as much as 20% of global LNG exports come from the USA. Another beneficiary of the surge in demand for LNG are producers from Australia and Qatar, who each took over 20% of the supply market, inform Banchero Costa analysts in the latest LNG Carrier Market Outlook.

11% of LNG is loaded in terminals located in ASEAN countries. With an 8% share in the LNG market, Russia supplied approximately 25 million tons of liquefied gas by tankers. During 9 months of this year. The United States increased the supply of LNG by 13% y / y, and producers from Russia by 12.5 y / y.

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