ZEVInnovation Project Workshop in Poland in the ASE Technological Group

ZEVInnovation Project 3 days Workshop in Poland was held in Gdańsk and Gdynia, from 12 to 14 October 2022. Companies from Poland, Norway and Croatia presented their production and service potential during two workshops.

ASE Group companies were presented during the 1st day of the meeting, 12th October. The companies representatives presented their experience, competences and market potential in creating innovations and new ideas.

The workshop participants were welcomed by Marek Grzybowski, President of the Management Board of BSSC, and Boris Cosić, Managing Director at Center of technology transfer, LLC (CTT), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb.

Baltic Sea and Space Cluster is a partner of the ZEVInnovation Project for strengthening transnational cooperation, knowledge and technology transfer in development of electric vessels and fostering innovations in SMES.

Among the participants were Boric Cosić and Lovro Frković from CTT, Bojan Bajić and Vedran Didara from IIR, Barbara Salopek and Solene Fereon from VINCO, Erlend Rodal and Per Ingeber from AKP.

On the Polish side, the meeting was attended by: Arkadiusz Marat and Patryk Jeż from ELMECH, Dariusz Jachowicz, Adam Jachowicz and Mateusz Cieślak from ASE Group, Andrzej Rapicki from WAELLER, and Krzysztof Anzelewicz from BSSC.


Energy Storage

The operation and use of the energy storage was explained by Arkadiusz Marat, CEO of Elmech. The energy storage presented is within the area of the ASE Group operations. It stores the energy obtained from solar panels.

So we have many questions, including the most important: How does energy storage work?

– The energy storage process involves transformation and containment of electric energy from a specific source, now from the solar panels, into another form of energy which can then be transformed back into electric energy. Furthermore, the energy storage facilities are a key element in the improvement of both the stability of power supply and the quality parameters of the provided Energy – Arkadiusz Marat.

What are the advantages of energy storage? – we are asking.

– Provision of power supply during halted production, satisfying increased demand, stabilisation of voltage and other parameters of electric Energy, increased effectiveness of the management over the produced or purchased electric energy, minimisation of energy costs, instant energy source, an adjustment function during peak load, energy network balancing, energy stability, independence from selling/purchasing energy within the partial recovery system – these are the main advantages of energy storage, says Marat. Then Mateusz Cieślak showed the production part of Automatic System Engineering.

The workshop were conducted by Marek Grzybowski, President of the Managemnt of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster. CTT and IRR from Croatia and Vinco and ÅKP from GCE Blue Maritime Cluster Norway participated in the meeting. Elmech, Biproraf, Projmors and CNK/LKK and ASE Group representatives, members of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster, participated in the meeting.