Baltic ICT & AI Hub for Maritime and Space Industry

The Baltic ICT & AI Hub for Maritime and Space Industry (ICT&AI) intensifies its activities. An organizational, legal, technical and technological meeting of companies interested in participating in joint ventures was held in Gdynia, at Cador Consulting office. The Baltic ICT & AI Hub for Maritime and Space Industry and the meeting took place in the Baltic Port of New Technologies, which operates in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, a leading economic zone in the European Union.

Baltic ICT & AI Hub for Maritime and Space Industry

Directions of operation of companies concentrated in the hub. Here are some examples: providing software that allows detecting objects that become invisible, designing and implementing IT systems that integrate the operation of ports and maritime transport, cybersecurity, managing things, documents and complex organizations (together with cooperators), creating digital twins for the maritime and space industries.
The aim of the BSSC Cluster and the ICT&AI Hub operating within it is to bring together companies that will jointly implement these projects, obtain EU funding, commercialize the results of their research, provide services, ensure further development and diffusion of knowledge, i.e. spreading it to other entities, countries . The ICT&AI Hub is also to ensure interoperability and meet many requirements set by the European Commission – in an integrator operating on the basis of Cador.

– Grzegorz, Zdzisław, Michał generate a new grant for grants – explained at the very beginning prof. Marek Grzybowski – president of the board of BSSC. – We want to generate a project in which IT or IT-related companies will operate. In what areas will Grzegorz say:

– Generally, due to the fact that we are connected to the cluster represented by Marek, i.e. to the Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster, we have recently been operating as a hub. The hub was established for a more integrator of the potential of our partners in the field of broadly understood IT technology, VR IoT, focusing on projects possible to be implemented within the cluster, a hub typically for the maritime and space industry, for the maritime industry – explained Grzegorz Kozłowski – President of the Management Board of Cador Consulting.

We strive to fulfill the pillars of the European Data Strategy for digital transformation in the European Union, mainly supporting its Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and National Smart Specialisations. We have created a subjective integrator of the potential of partner competences in the field of IT technology for the maritime economy – Marek explains.

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