Crist Shipyard. NB318 sheet cutting ceremony for a single-hull vessel for Ulstein Verft

On November 18th at 10:00 a.m., a sheet cutting ceremony began at Crist shipyard for the new design of a single-hull vessel for the shipowner Ulstein Verft with the working number NB318, which is to serve a wind farm. The shipyard’s cooperation with this shipowner began in 2013 with project NB301. Crist has already completed 14 projects for them, and is now executing projects number 15 and 16.

The vessel under construction will be able to meet the general requirements of the offshore wind industry, such as carrying personnel, cargo, oil fuel, tank water, spare parts and other general cargo under and on open decks. The vessel will have 91 cabins, accommodating a maximum of 126 people. It will be electrically powered, battery-assisted. Hybrid battery propulsion and methanol fuel will enable zero emissions. The cargo system will ensure safety and enable efficient loading and unloading of the vessel. The hull shape provides excellent performance in terms of fuel consumption, maneuverability, speed, stability, payload and energy utilization. It is based on Ulstein Twin X-Stern technology, a design feature that incorporates sharper hull lines and eliminates the transom plate, enhances functionality by positively impacting ship attitude maintenance, wave response, comfort and safety in harsh conditions by reducing wave impact forces, deck moisture and splash.

The vessel will be optimized for the smooth and efficient performance of technicians and the movement of cargo on board, with the goal of minimizing manual handling of cargo, tools and spare parts. The vessel will have an overall length of 89.6 meters and a width of 19.2 meters.

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