Transport Week 2023 – GDYNIA – 14-15 March, 2023, at the Courtyard Waterfront Hotel



Transport Week 2023 – when, where and why should you be there?
Preparations for next year’s edition of the Transport Week Conference are already rapidly underway.

The event will take place on 14-15 March, 2023, at the Courtyard Waterfront Hotel in Gdynia, Poland.

Transport Week 2023 will also feature the first edition of the Baltic Ports for Climate Conference, organized in cooperation with the Baltic Ports Organization. The event will give the audience an overview of the progression of climate change in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), as well as highlight recent climate-related projects spearheaded by Baltic ports.
Broad strokes and specific focus points
Geopolitics are one if not the most talked about topic these days and will probably remain one for the next foreseeable future. That’s why we will be taking a close look at how these shifts affect the main trends determining the transport sector in the CEE. Together with our long-standing partner, Namiary na Morze i Handel, we will also try to find the link between geopolitics and cybersecurity, the associated threats and state of preparedness of the European transport sector.
Transport Week has been associated with the maritime transport industry for quite some time now and with good reason. Our expert panelists will discuss how sea ports in the BSR stack up in comparison to their counterparts from Europe’s other regions based on turnover records, development of new cargo routes and possible shifts in trading lanes.
There is a lot going on in terms of investments in the BSR and therefore at our industry meeting we will talk extensively about ambitious, complex infrastructure projects and reasoning behind them. The amount of Chinese capital flowing into European ports and terminals is another key point of the discussion we will be having in March 2023, analyzing potential risks that might escape our attention.
Rounding up first day’s menu will be the development of the offshore wind sector. How does it fit into EU’s energy security policy, educating and attracting the necessary workforce and pitfalls to avoid when planning offshore wind projects based on the experience of experts from Denmark, Germany and the UK – we will cover it all.
Climate and cybersecurity
As already mentioned, next year’s edition of the Transport Week will include cooperation with both new and familiar faces. We’re once again teaming up with Namiary na Morze i Handel, who will go into more detail in regards to the issue of cybersecurity in transport and logistics during their conference held on the first day of the Transport Week. Second day will see us team-up with the Baltic Ports Organization for the first reveal of their new Baltic Ports for Climate series. We will tell you more about both events in future publications.
All paths lead to Gdynia
It is safe to say that the City of Gdynia has become the home of the Transport Week series. It is impossible to picture the conference taking place in a different location. Having been married to the sea from the early days of its existence, the city is the perfect backdrop for discussing topics shaping the face of the transport industry in the region and beyond.
Registration will be opening soon so keep an eye out for future announcements in our newsletter and on our LinkedIn channel. We’re already looking forward to seeing you all next year!
Welcome to the waterfront
We return to the beautifully located Courtyard Gdynia Waterfront hotel for yet another unforgettable event. It is incredibly satisfying to listen to great presentations while at the same time gazing upon the sea. Truly a feast for the mind and soul.
The venue is equipped to fulfill all of your needs, with fantastic staff taking care of you at each step of your stay. It is also next to the city center, the Kościuszki Square and the seaside boulevard, meaning you have plenty of opportunities to relax after a long conference day.
Stay tuned for more information!
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