President Henryk Śniegocki: PRS participates in the development of the maritime economy

The Polish Register of Shipping is obliged to invest in or support broadly understood security, in particular maritime security. As far as wind energy is concerned, this is a new thing for Poland, so first of all, legal requirements must be created regarding the possibility of installing and then operating offshore wind farms. The Polish Register of Shipping supports the activities of the Polish Ministry in this regard. In addition, we create regulations for the construction and operation or later disassembly of installations in the offshore wind industry. We operate as in the classification of ships. We also operate there based on the provisions of the Polish Register of Shipping. A group of qualified inspectors is responsible for drafting the rules.

We have a team that has already done a lot of work in this area and is preparing for further activities related to certification and consulting in the construction of wind farms in the Industrial Supervision Division. Our team shares the knowledge they already have at conferences and meetings, which have recently taken place very often.

The Industrial Supervision Division and the Certification Division are active in PRS. We are a serious player in Poland when it comes to certifications. We are currently certifying over 1,200 companies in Poland.

PRS has offices abroad – in Shanghai, Dubai, Turkey, Greece, Egypt… However, we are planning to open an office in Venezuela. We will have our inspector there. We are also working on expanding our representative office in the United States. PRS has one representative there. We often delegate workers from Poland there. So we will have to expand our representation. Then we will be able to certify more large ships.

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