Polish Register of Shipping – PRS a new member of BSSC

Polish Register of Shipping – PRS is a new member of BSSC

Polish Register of Shipping S.A. (PRS) is an independent expert institution with a wide range of global reach services guided by the public interest in conducting its business. It is a Polish classification society and a member of IACS, a notified body for products and personnel assessment, and an accredited management systems certification body. PRS holds the recognition of the European Commission for sea and inland navigation vessels and the authorization of 42 maritime administrations to act on their behalf.

The company’s mission is to help ensure the safety of people, floating and land objects, cargo, and environmental protection.

PRS’ areas of activity include:

  • classification, convention, appraisal, and technical supervision over the construction, reconstruction, and operation of ships, yachts, and floating objects, including warships and special units;
  • technical supervision over the production of materials for the construction, repair, and equipment of ships;
  • recognition of products and companies;
  • technical supervision over the design, construction, and operation of various types of technical infrastructure facilities and devices, including offshore installations;
  • certification of products and management systems;
  • certification and examination of welding personnel;
  • training.

PRS also conducts research and scientific work on issues related to the safety of ship’s structures and creates tools enabling the necessary analyses and simulations of the ship’s behavior, structure, and equipment in conditions affecting vessel safety.