Politechnika Gdańska – Photocatalytic materials will purify water and air

From left: prof. Anna Zielińska-Jurek i mgr inż. Marta Kowalińska. Fot. Krzysztof Krzempek / Politechnika Gdańska

New photocatalytic materials were being developed at the Gdańsk University of Technology. They will remove residues of pharmaceuticals from the streams of treated wastewater, as well as eliminate air pollution.

The phenomenon of photocatalysis at the Gdańsk University of Technology is dealt with by the team of prof. Anna Zielińska-Jurek from the Department of Process Engineering and Chemical Technology of the Faculty of Chemistry. It studies environmental problems and works towards eco-innovation. Developing new photocatalytic materials. It is a semiconductor material that absorbs solar radiation. The charge accumulated in this way can be converted into reactive oxygen species. Oxygen can very effectively oxidize pollutants present in water or air.

To the team of Prof. Zielińska-Jurek belongs, among others, to MSc. Marta Kowalkińska, graduate of GUT and currently a PhD student at the Doctoral School. The young chemist deals primarily with the synthesis, characterization and application of new photocatalytic materials for the degradation of stubborn pollutants. She developed a photocatalyst that eliminates organic pollutants in water.

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