H2Tech LAB – a hydrogen technology laboratory is being established at GUT

The construction of an innovative hydrogen installation, a new electrolyser prototype and alternative methods of hydrogen storage and transport will be implemented at the Gdańsk University of Technology in the interdepartmental H2Tech LAB “Laboratory of Hydrogen Technologies”.

The laboratory will combine the R&D infrastructure composed of three independent projects:

“Gdańsk Tech Hydrogen – based energy Storage Testbed” (Gdańsk Tech HEST) carried out under the supervision of prof. Robert Małkowski from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automatics,
“Gdańsk Tech scalable and efficient electrolysis stack prototype” – carried out under the supervision of prof. Sebastian Molin from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics,
“Gdańsk Tech Hydrogen transport and storage in chemical compounds” – carried out under the supervision of prof. Jacek Gębicki from the Faculty of Chemistry in cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics.

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