Over 300 people and 17 ships are checking the Baltic Sea for the Baltica 1 offshore wind farm project

The Baltica 1 project with a capacity of approx. 0.9 GW, which is to be commissioned after 2030. Environmental research is carried out at sea. They are carried out by a consortium of Polish contractors – Gdynia Maritime University and MEWO S.A.

Bathymetric, sonar, magnetometric, seismoacoustic and seismic tests are carried out, as well as soil samples are collected to a depth of 6 meters in the area of the farm and the connection in the offshore part. During the research, which usually lasts at least a year, sensors for waves, currents, temperature and salinity are installed.


The research has the answer to questions about potential risks and possible limitations in the design and construction of an offshore wind farm. The results of the research will determine how natural conditions, such as waves and sea currents, will affect the offshore wind farm. Performing environmental studies and carrying out an assessment of the impact on the marine environment.

The measuring buoy measures meteorological parameters such as temperature, air humidity, wind and atmospheric pressure. Data on living organisms are examined by porpoise “click” detectors, the so-called F-pods, and background noise recorders allowing for subsequent analysis of underwater noise.

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