CRIST – B2B meeting of Baltic ZEV HUB Baltic Sea & space Cluster members

Members and partners of the Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster are developing a strategy to help Europeans implement the European Green Deal. This was discussed at the Crist Shipyard in Gdynia. Poland can meet the needs of the Scandinavian and Mediterranean markets for low-emission ships powered by various fuels and electric batteries or fuel cells.


The latest achievements were presented by the Crist Shipyard, domestic and foreign companies forming the ZEV Hub, Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster, GREEN TECH Hub and the StoGda Design Office. Journalists from the Baltic Maritime Journalist Club were also present. The meeting of these circles took place in Gdynia at the Crist Shipyard on March 30 this year.

The issues related to the construction of zero- and low-emission ships were discussed at the Crist Shipyard on March 30, in Gdynia. It was attended by, among others: Wiesława Lachowicz and Wojciech Caban from StoGda; Arkadiusz Marat – president of Elmech; Mirosław Michałowski – president of Hydromega; Mariusz Smentoch – president of Byotta; Karol Gryn-Byotta; editor Cezary Spigarski – president of; Zdzisław Długosz – Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster; prof. Marek Grzybowski – President of the Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster; Michał Igielski – Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster; Krzysztof Ozygała – President of Partnership; Maciej Lisowski – commercial director of the Crist Shipyard; Jacek Milewski – member of the board of Crist Shipyard, financial director.

We are able to provide the entire value chain related to the production of electric or hybrid or hydrogen ships, which consists in the fact that StoGda is able to design such ships, Crist is able to produce them, while the ASE technological group, and especially Elmech, is able to provide energy storage facilities that can supply units with energy obtained from zero-emission or low-emission sources. These warehouses can be stationary or mobile, also floating. In this way, we offer a comprehensive product that we want to transform into a comprehensive offer for the European Union markets – said Marek Grzybowski, President of the Management Board of BSSC.

The production potential of the CRIST shipyard and the activity on the Norwegian market were discussed by Maciej Lisowski – Commercial Director of the Crist Shipyard. He talked about participating in tenders for the implementation of innovative units. – The companies that operate in the GCE Blue Maritime Cluster are well known to us – said Lisowski.

– ZEV Innovation is a project that is to create a group of companies, entities, institutions, organizations that will associate both enterprises and institutions from the business environment, which will deal with the actual creation from design through construction, through even operation of zero-emission ships for a specific target group – explained Michał Igielski from BSSC. This hub for the production of zero-emission ships, where Crist is the main coordinator, will participate in the project and the hub will carry out the order for the creation of the entire ship – emphasized Igielski.

CRIST is a leading shipyard on the European market. CRIST’s specialty is shipbuilding and marine constructions. It is one of the leaders in the offshore and hybrid ships industry. He successfully implements more and more advanced projects. CRIST has delivered vessels such as “Electra”, Heavy Maintenance Vessel “VIDAR”, Heavy Lift Jack – Up Vessel “INNOVATION” and Jack-up Barge “THOR”. CRIST has been combining innovation with experience for over 3 decades, informed Jacek Milewski. Baltic ZEV HUB manager.