University of Gdańsk – Poland’s first and only Doctoral School of Quantum Information Theory


Poland’s first and only Doctoral School of Quantum Information Theory will be established at the University of Gdańsk!

Thanks to the long-standing success of the University of Gdańsk physics community associated with quantum technologies, an International Centre for Quantum Information Theory has been established and developed at the University of Gdańsk in recent years, funded by the Foundation for Polish Science.

The dynamic development of the Centre has resulted in research covering the foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum technologies, information theory and quantum optics being concentrated in one place. Last year’s Nobel Prizes in Physics attest to the great importance of the subject matter represented by the Centre. The long-standing close relationship of the Centre’s Director with the Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Anton Zeilinger of Vienna, is also significant.

The opening of the first and only school dedicated to quantum topics in Poland, combined with the rich quantum traditions of the UG, will result in further research in this area. Education at the school will be conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Quantum Optics and Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences – the Centre’s foreign partner.

 Five students will be accepted, with recruitment starting in September this year. During yesterday’s UG celebration, Rector prof. Piotr Stepnowski appointed prof. Łukasz Rudnicki, who is also to become its first director.