Sevenet Story Scene SOPOT May 18 2023

This is SEVENET’s original event, during which SEVENET experts tell stories, but also stories with our participation (i.e. implementations, technological stories, etc.). Each lecture is, in a way, another, separate scene, which finally merges into one common whole. The link between these stories is Sevenet, as an integrator and business partner.

Sevenet S.A. is an IT company that has been supplying advanced ICT solutions for enterprises and institutions in Poland since 1997. Since June 2011, the Company’s shares have been listed in the Alternative Trading System of the NewConnect market.

As a company, SEVENT is an integrator of ICT solutions, which is formed by a team of experts involved in their work. We focus on activities aimed at gaining the position of the undisputed market leader. We are constantly improving our qualifications and enriching our offer, but above all we try to listen, understand and respond to the needs of our clients.