Operating range of PRS

Polish Register of Shipping supports activity in every sector of industry and economy. We provide our services and assure the safety of people, floating objects and land constructions, cargo, and the natural environment – all over the world. Apart from a network of branch offices and surveyors in Poland, we have offices and employees operating abroad – in Belarus, China, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, and the United Arab Emirates. We also cooperate with external companies that act as trading agents and representatives. Thus, we are available in every corner of the globe.

New PRS surveyors abroad

We have been expanding the range of our operation for several decades by setting up branches and representatives and locating individual surveyors in various countries – temporarily or permanently. We adapt to needs and evolving market situations in Poland and globally to always be as close as possible to our clients and assist them in building their strengths.

In the first half of this year, PRS extended its service network to two new locations: Maracaibo in Venezuela and Batam in Indonesia. Benigno Polo Soto, a surveyor based in Venezuela,  focuses on providing services and solutions for customers in South and Central America. Mohamad Arief Lucky Dharmanto performs his tasks in Indonesia and neighboring countries of Asia, Australia, and Oceania – it enables effective coordination of PRS operations in these geographical areas of the world.

Better service availability and a shorter time to get on board the ship by a surveyor is a crucial determinant of the classification society support expected by customers.

PRS is getting closer to the customers

PRS constantly executes its strategy, the aim of which is to get even closer to clients around the world. Adding two new surveyors to the PRS team is another step towards ensuring readily available services and the highest quality performance for our customers.

All activities that increase our global presence and investment in local teams, which provide our services and solutions on every continent, have a particular value in maintaining effective instruments enabling us to implement the PRS mission.

The list of our representatives in Poland and abroad is available at PRS CONTACT 

We invite anyone interested in working for the Polish classification society as a PRS representative/surveyor or agent outside of Poland to

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