Port of Gdansk in 2nd place in Baltic Sea Region – transhipment record in 1H 2023

The transshipment of energy resources in the port of Gdańsk is increasing in the first half of the year.

Transshipments of liquid fuels reached 18.3 million tons (an increase of 59%), coal – 8.4 million tons (117% more). General cargo recorded a 6 percent decrease – reaching a result of 11 million tons.
Within six months, approximately 1.4 million tons of grain (especially corn) were exported through the Port of Gdansk. This is an increase of 52 percent. compared to the same period last year. For comparison, throughout 2022, the port of Gdańsk handled just over 1.9 million tons of grain. Other bulk products reached the result of 1.7 million tonnes (increase by 9%).

“It was a very good half-year. We can already say that we will break the transshipment record from 2022. The latest results clearly show how good the condition of the Port of Gdansk is. In total, we reloaded by 36 percent. more goods than a year earlier – said Łukasz Malinowski, President of the Port of Gdansk. last year, The Port of Gdansk was ranked 13th in Europe. Today we are in 8th place.

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