Port of Gdansk Authority S.A. supports the team from Nowy Port

Port of Gdansk Authority S.A. invests in infrastructure and sees intensive growth. This is another step by the largest Polish port towards improving service standards, increasing competitiveness and further strengthening its position in the Baltic Sea area. Although today’s port business is international in scope, the heart of the port still beats in Gdansk, in Nowy Port, a direct result of its location. Hence the decision by the Port of Gdansk Authority S.A. to support local initiatives, particularly those related to sport and children.

“Nowy Port is a beautiful district, and we feel a part of it. We want to be closer to the citizens and support their initiatives. We wondered how we could get more involved in the life of the district, and then we learned about Portowiec. The club was set up by locals and for locals, all thanks to a group of enthusiasts who devote their whole free time to the club. For now we are focusing on supporting the coaches, because they are the ones who bear the greatest responsibility. We have also purchased essential equipment and kit for the children,” said Anna Drozd, spokesperson of the Port of Gdansk Authority S.A. Portowiec Gdansk is a football club from Nowy Port with a long tradition dating back to 1957. Currently, children born in 2010-2016 can train for football there. The creators of the club say that “it is a small club, but one with great spirit”.

More: https://www.portgdansk.pl/