1. SB BRIDGE (South Baltic) – building Bridges for green-tech future
  2. TENTacle – Capitalising on TEN-T core network corridors for prosperity, growth and cohesion
  3. ELMAR – Supporting South Baltic SMEs to enter the international supply chains & sales markets for boats & ships with electric propulsions
  4. ECOPRODIGI – Eco-efficiency to maritime industry processes in the Baltic Sea Region through digitalisation
  5. SMART BLUE REGIONS – seeks to enhance blue growth opportunities based on increased capacity of Baltic Sea Regions to implement Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3).
  6. E-LASS – European network for lightweight applications at sea
  7. InterMarE – Strengthening the international activity of blue sector SMEs in the South Baltic Sea area
  8. UMBRELLA – helps boosting cross-border cooperation capacities of Local Actors in the South Baltic Sea
  9. COGEA – Study on The Establishment of a Framework for Processing and Analysing Maritime Economic Data in Europe

BALTIC SEA & SPACE CLUSTER are active in Poland as an expert in projects :

  1. SMART PANEL – qualitative research and analysis for the needs of the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process –PARP project (carried out by DANAE)
  2. SIEĆ OTWARTYCH INNOWACJI (OPEN INNOVATION NETWORK) – Industrial Development Agency project (carried out by INVESTIN)
  3. ISP1 – Pomeranian Smart Specialization – Offshore And Port-Logistics Technologies
  4. ISP2 – “Interactive technologies in an information-saturated environment”
  5. KIS 17: National Smart Specialization – Innovative Marine Technologies In The Field Of Specialized Vessels, Marine and Offshore Constructions and Logistics Based on Sea and Inland Transport